Organization Name: Agile Orthopedics

Agile Orthopedics is a family owned clinic located in Buena Vista, CO. I offer free consultations in my clinic by appointment. In most cases, I can also coordinate with your physician or therapist to meet at their office for your evaluation. CCPO has an on-site lab to provide timely fitting, maintenance, and repair as well as some on-site fabrication.


    • Lower-Extremity Orthotics
    • Upper-Extremity Orthotics
    • Spinal Bracing
    • Post-op LSO/TLSO
    • Fracture Bracing
    • Dynamic Splinting
    • Cervical Bracing
    • Post-op ROM Bracing
    • Pre-op Education and Evaluation
    • Post-op Treatment
    • Rigid Removable Dressing
    • Lower-Extremity Prosthetics
    • Upper-Extremity Prosthetics
    • Adaptive Recreation
Phone of organization: 719-542-1313
Hours of Operation: By Appointment
Contact person: Eric Neufeld
Phone of Contact Person: 719-542-1313
Email of Contact Person:
Organization's Email:
Physical address: 28350 CR 317, Unit 8 Buena Vista, CO 81211