About Us

About Us

Since 2013, the Chaffee County Health Coalition has been meeting to discuss how to increase collaboration, identify overlap and duplication of services, and work to improve access to health and wellness in Chaffee County.

The coalition provides a forum for those who have an interest in some aspect of health and wellness, including medical providers, dental providers, mental health providers, local schools, health coaches, members of the county departments of human services and public health, and local health advocates.


The Chaffee County Health Coalition strives to improve accessibility, affordability and quality of health, wellness and prevention through collaboration and coordination in Chaffee County.


Formal commitment to the coalition and our goals and mission.

Inclusivity in and open-mindedness toward coalition work.

Collaboration to leverage services, planning, and visioning.

Everyone has the right and the responsibility to healthcare, wellness and prevention.

We work to meet the needs of community.

Coalition members maintain transparency and ‘bring all their cards to the table.’


Strengthen the collaborative and support current health care initiatives in the community through sustainable partnerships.

Create opportunities for collaboration and networking within the Coalition and the community.

Monitor the health, wellness and prevention landscape in Chaffee County. Identify areas where collaboration is needed or there are gaps in our collective work. Seize opportunities for better coordination through shared resources.

Act as a catalyst if momentum stalls around a specific issue or project.

Provide leadership when a neutral convener is necessary.