Is CBD right for me?

As a pharmacist I have had many questions from my community about CBD, marijuana, and other hemp based products. In most of those circumstances I recommend full spectrum hemp oil. Chances are if you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from chronic pain, arthritis, migraine headaches, loss of motor control, depression/anxiety, or insomnia, CBD may be a safe alternative or addition to other medications that you are currently taking. Over the past several years there has been a mounting body of clinical evidence to suggest that CBD can significantly improve the symptoms related to each of these conditions.


CBD is short for cannabidol, an all natural supplement derived from the cannabis plant. Cannabidol along with the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and phytonutrients found in hemp work in concert with our internal Endocannabinoid Receptor System to maintain healthy cellular functions. Unlike its cousin Medical Marijuana, CBD is an all natural non-psychoactive cannabinoid that can improve your overall health but cannot get you “high”. CBD or full spectrum hemp oil can only contain up to 0.3% THC, which is not enough to illicit the “high” effect.

One of the biggest concerns in the medical community has been the lack or regulation or quality control that exists in the market. Numerous people have reported inconsistent responses to the products that they buy or in more extreme cases serious illness have come from taking impure products. In fact the FDA and Journal of the American Medicine Association have found that between 70 and 91% of CBD products in the market did not match the packaging label. Since hemp is a plant there could also be other impurities, such as pesticides, that could be in the final product. The other issue our patients face has been the lack of medical knowledge buy those selling the products. While CBD is generally considered safe there are certain medications that can interact with it and you should always ask your pharmacist if it is safe to take with your normal regiment. Many independent pharmacies carry high quality CBD and full spectrum hemp oil products that are rigorously tested and contain little to no impurities and provide the expected amount of CBD as stated on the label.

At Buena Vista Drug we carry Ananda Professional an FDA inspected manufacturer that produces a safe and consistent full spectrum hemp product that you can count on every time. Our specially trained pharmacists can answer the questions that you may have regarding its use and safety in helping you.

Lucas Smith, PharmD
Buena Vista Drug