Opening Up Our Community: The Great Divide (By Lori Weckbaugh)

As individuals we consciously and intentionally have created safety in the COVID-19 environment that  has surrounded us. We have listened and acted in the way that suits our safety plan.

What now?

Pay attention to the thresholds you are crossing in the coming days, because as you unconsciously do so, your movement resonates somatically within your bodies. Our reptilian brain knows something is amiss. We aren’t home!

Crossing a dividing line that has protected us for weeks and weeks is psychologically dangerous. Our five senses are on-alert. Yet we act automatically starting the car and driving away from home.

We enter a store seeing a person coming near without a mask, depending our “mask orientation”, this person is viewed as safe or dangerous.

Our partner/spouse has a different concept of the danger or safety this person presents. Even if our partnership has agreed on a “mask—no-mask” philosophy, they have a different view of the relative danger presented by this oncoming stranger.

Ah, there’s the rub, we think of our partner has the same view, yet why are they walking closer and closer to our perceived danger threat-level of the virus!

“Yikes! What to do next?


Become visible by telling them of your fears, your concerns, or worry.

It’s a simple plan; talk to your partner/spouse before you leave the house or before leaving the car for that second errand stop. What are your expatiations? What’s your safety plan?  Any concerns?

Talk with your children about expectations, your concern for their health, safety and protecting you and your family.

Keep the doorway in mind, think before you cross the threshold. You are leaving the safety of your home. You are going out and possibly encountering something unsettling for any person. Honor their sense of safety by listening, asking questions about what they need or want to remain safe. They are not crazy.

Mental health is awareness and gifting each other with what you need to be and remain safe.

As we open—up changes will happen, conscious and intention relationships take work, not hard work if we practice our awareness muscle.

Be the gift.

Lori Weckbaugh–Snow Leopard Counseling: