Organization Name: Colorado Family Guidance
I have worked with children and their families for over 23 years and have been a therapist for 7 years. I have two primary areas. 1) I often work with parents and youth to decrease emotional behavioral difficulties (e.g., anxiety, depression, social isolation, addiction, defiance, ADHD, trauma, self-harm, attachment issues, and family conflict) and strengthen the youth to develop healthy behaviors, increased self-awareness, and a positive self-concept. 2) I also specialize in treating sexual addiction (including pornography, infidelity, adultery, etc.), trauma, abuse, marriage problems, relationship conflicts, Intimacy Anorexia. Through Colorado Family Guidance, her mission is to create a compassionate, authentic, and caring environment to help facilitate the growth and development of each client.
Phone of organization: (719) 458-0950
Hours of Operation: By appointment
Contact person: Kim Philia
Phone of Contact Person: (719) 458-0950
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