Organization Name: Get Tested Chaffee

STI Information and Testing in Chaffee County

Find out more about sexually transmitted infections, testing and treatment in Chaffee County today!


Test and Treat!

Getting tested for a sexually transmitted infection is easy. Usually testing is just peeing in a cup, performing a self swab, and a finger prick. Get treated quickly and easily based on your results.


Take ownership of your sexual health! Regardless of your ability to pay, there are lots of options for testing.


You don’t have to share the results with anyone if you don’t want to, though we do encourage you to tell your partner. If you test positive, common STIs can usually be treated with antibiotics.

Sooner rather than later

Acting now is better than later. If left undiagnosed, some STIs such as chlamydia can lead to serious conditions when left untreated.

Partner Treatment

If you test positive for a sexually transmitted infection, you partner(s) can get tested and treated as well. For some STIs, your partner can even be treated without needing to get tested.

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