Organization Name: Medication Assisted Treatment Providers in Chaffee County

Medication Assisted Treatment is a treatment option for those struggling with opioid use disorder.  Suboxone and Naltrexone are two of the FDA approved medications that are available in Chaffee County.  Providers include:

  • David Handley—Private practice psychiatrist: 101 North F Street, Salida,, (719) 626-1727,
  • Shawn Gogarty--Sol Vista Health  (719)539-6502; 
  • Vanna Irving, Sarah Stoit, & Jenni Adams--HRRMC Salida Health Center, (719) 719-530-2022, 550 Hwy 50, Salida,
  • Jack Haley–Valley Wide Health Clinic in Buena Vista, (719) 395-8610, 707 Hwy 24 North, Buena Vista,
  • Front Range Clinic (719) 621-8353
    • Van visits Salida every Monday, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., United Methodist Church 228 West 4th Street
    • The closest methadone clinic is Colorado Treatment Services in Pueblo: 511 West 29th Street, (719) 621-1929
Phone of organization: Please use phone numbers and emails listed above
Contact person: Chaffee Community Clinic Staff
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